Why are you blogging?

There were a lot of people on the day verbalising, in one way or another, these thoughts at the Problogger Conference on Friday:

“I am totally out of my league here”

“I don’t belong here”

Well people, it was a conference about blogging. So if you ALREADY had a blog, or were THINKING about blogging, then you belonged there!

One of the first sessions of the day addressed the question of “Why are you blogging”? For most people in the room the answer would have been one, or a few of the following:

  1. As an outlet/sanity saver
  2. Because they love to write
  3. To demonstrate expertise and/or to enhance their business website
  4. To showcase their talents as a writer/reviewer/designer/artist
  5. To connect with a potential client base
  6. As a potential springboard for a book deal
  7. As a platform from which to sell products
  8. As a platform from which to sell themselves
  9. As an opportunity to connect with likeminded people
  10. As an opportunity to add to the household income

A point of emphasis here is: There’s no moratorium on what it is ‘valid’ to blog about, or what a ‘valid’ reason is. Whatever the reason, just do it.

It is however useful to know why you are blogging because:

  • Once you know WHY you are blogging, it gives you clearer focus and purpose
  • When you have clearer focus and purpose, you are better able to connect with people
  • It is this connection that brings readers to your blog and keeps them coming back

Other blog tips?

Don’t blog half-heartedly

  • In other words, don’t blog because you feel you HAVE to.  Once the “have to” feeling overtakes the “want to” feeling, mediocrity takes over
  • As Tim Ferris in his cameo appearance said: “A mediocre blog is worse than no blog at all”.

Don’t blog in someone else’s voice

  • Don’t try to replicate the style and tone of your favourite blogger – it’s exhausting. Blog in your own voice and ‘your right people’ will find you.
  • Mrs Woog, author of the very popular Woogsworld blog said that her blog didn’t take off until she stopped censoring herself and instead chose to write the way she talks and thinks. She may describe her writing as ‘word vomit’, but it’s pretty funny word vomit.

Be brave

  • Time and time again I hear people say that their most popular posts are the ones where they had to take a deep breath before hitting ‘publish’

Most of us blog for one or more of these reasons:

To INSPIRE – EDUCATE – CONNECT. Which are you?

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  1. says

    I’m just finding my voice with blogging but I know that my next step is really going to have to ‘Be Brave’. I’m sure that the way to really make your name.
    I think for the moment though I’ll keep writing what I think are informative and helpful posts.