Things I know …

Today I am linking up with my first ever blog meme – the ‘theme’ is “things I know” – with thanks to Shae from Yay for Home.


I know that I have awesome family and friends who know that when crappy things happen, I just need a bit of space … and I also may not want to talk about it.

I know that people who you have never met in real life can be amazing in the support and love and kind words they can share.

I know that when crappy things happen, talking to a professional about it is priceless when it comes to sorting your head out.

I know that next time I will probably listen to my obstetrician….

I know that sunshine and blue skies make me disproportionately happy. Hello Spring!

Hellooooo Spring {img}

I know that having a realistic to do list and then ticking off every item on it makes me ridiculously happy!

I know that the sound of my 2 year old laughing uncontrollably because “Daddy is silly” is possibly my favourite sound in the world.

I know the theme song of Bob the Builder back to front now (thanks to Tess and Mali for introducing it to Jaden)

I know that if the Eagles beat Collingwood this Saturday, this city called Perth is going to be an unbearable place to be next week …

And after nearly one year of blogging, I finally know what a meme is :)

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    • Kelly Exeter says

      Just looking at that photo makes me smile – it’s exactly what the sky outside looks like right now! As for my mate Bob – I think I might go turn the radio on right now! What a good idea!

    • Kelly Exeter says

      Oh thank you Kate :) I read your spag bog post this morning and thought to myself “we have something in common” – because that is the one dish I KNOW my 2yo will eat. I never thought about hiding vegies in there though … brilliant!

  1. says

    Glad you are joining in, meme’s are fun! I just love your photo in your blog header, so gorgeous. I am with you on the sound of 2 year olds giggling, it is the best sound. xx

  2. says

    LOL, took me many years to figure out what a meme was (and how to pronounce it) so you’ve figured that one out much faster than me! Sunshine also makes me disproportionately happy!