Random musings from a trip East – Part 2

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Boys vs Girls

When I was at school I preferred the company of boys to girls probably right up till around Year 10 or 11. I think it was because boys didn’t play mind games where girls did – and perhaps also that school aged girls can be a bit mean. I also played/did a lot of sport so that was another reason I found boys easier to talk to than girls.

For this reason it is always a surprise to me that, as an adult, I have developed such a large group of very close girlfriends. Not one or two close girlfriends … I am talking like 10 or 12. Weird. And since I don’t really train for a sport any more I have little cause to ever be in the company of a group of males.

Until this week just gone that is.

After spending Thursday night and Friday in the company of a LOT of women on Saturday I found myself to be the sole Perth female in a group who had travelled to Sydney for a friend’s wedding. All the other better halves couldn’t make the trip so it was basically myself and six boys. Initially I was thinking “oh god, who am I going to talk to at this wedding” before I remembered, “hey, I used to hang with mostly boys, this could actually be quite fun”. And it was.

Here is the difference between girls and boys (warning – overgeneralisations coming!).

Girls have very intense conversations. Girls SHARE. Girls can get deep and meaningful with someone they have never met in under three minutes. Girls really connect. There is nothing quite like the thrill of discovering the common ground you share with another female and having a wonderful chin wag with them. However … if I am chatting with a new bosom buddy of the female variety, I am probably not 100% relaxed into the conversation. Because with girls, you’ve got to read between the lines as well. What’s NOT being said is as interesting as what IS being said – and you need to be all over that in order for that person to feel that you are really listening to them.

With any female who is not in my inner circle of girlfriends, I kind of feel like I need to be the very best version of me. This might be why by Friday afternoon I was mentally shattered!

Now boys. As a rule there is nothing to read between the lines – they say what they mean, without subtext. On Saturday night I got a good taste of this. When it comes to communicating, boys are simple, direct and transparent. I am not sure how to say this without it sounding insulting – but around boys, I don’t need to *think* as much. Clearly I feel the need to be on my A game with girls, impressing them with my great wit and amazing listening skills – but boys, I know they don’t care! Also boys don’t blink an eyelid when you ask them to check the footy score for you because your phone is out of batteries. And they don’t look at you askance when you dance around room like a demented monkey when your footy team wins (beating last year’s premiers no less). Woo hooooo – yes Saturday was a fun night indeed!

And then, just as I was starting to think I need a bit more boy time in my life, I catch up for a Sunday morning run with my friend Tessa. Tessa who I have never met in real life but I know through reading her blog and facebooking and tweeting that we are cut from the same cloth. We have a lovely run before sitting down for coffee. I text Mr X to tell him “having a coffee, will be back in 30-45mins”. Um … 90 minutes later Tessa and I leave the coffee shop.

So boys – yes you are awesome, but girls, you are the BEST!

Myself and the UBER-lovely Tessa




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  1. says

    Aw shucks, thanks lovely… that is a seriously bad pic of me.. did I look that puffy and tired?!.. anywho I had a blast and had also said I would be back by 9 to husby from a 7am run..err roll on back at past 10am!!

    I have always seen my self as one of the boys though so maybe this post proves it , lol x

  2. says

    Ah, two (fit!) lovelies. You are quite right about the boy /girl thing, Kel. A very important reason why I prefer co-ed all the way and why I have (so far) run screaming from most blogging events – I miss the balance!

    If I thought I could keep up with you two, I would have been there on Sunday. x

    • says

      Ha yes – I have to admit that a room full of women gave me pause – but there were a few people I really wanted to meet IRL and that got me over the line. You will have to come to Problogger in October Bron – a bit more balanced boy/girl ratio ;)