One word for 2015

In 2014 I decided not to choose a word to guide my year - I decided to give control of my year over to the Universe. Ohhhhh, how the people who know me well laughed! And justifiably so. I'm not really one for giving control of anything over to anyone. But you know, I did it and for the most Continue Reading

See ya later 2014

A big thanks to my clever friend Maxabella for coming up with the questions below. They allow for a much better reflection of the year than the approach I was originally going to take! 1. What word do you think best summed up 2014? Sad. I wish I had a more positive word because lots of really Continue Reading

Joy is scary. Embrace it anyway

Something kind of awesome happened today while I was out running. I came up with the perfect comeback to something incredibly rude someone said to my face ten years ago. Said comeback was the perfect blend of ‘truth-that-can’t-be-denied’ mixed with a teeny bit of sarcasm and a heavy helping of Continue Reading