Do you know where you’re going?

Probably the most life-changing thing to happen to me in the last five years (and that’s pulling from a fairly significant pool) was listening to this podcast a guy named Steve did with Penelope Trunk. It’s pretty uncomfortable stuff. You see, Steve thought he knew where he was going. He had a Continue Reading

People like us do things like this

If you’ve been anywhere near my Facebook page or Instagram feed this week you will know I had the privilege of spending a day with Seth Godin on Tuesday. It was amazing. He was amazing. I took MANY things away from the day and will be sharing all of them with you over the next few weeks but Continue Reading

The first time

Is there anything more romantic than the smell of formaldehyde and a room full of cadavers? The answer to that is ‘no, clearly there isn’t’ because 19 years ago, that’s where Ant and I first locked eyes on each other. It was week one of Uni and we were in Human Biology 101. How I ended up as Continue Reading

The underrated pleasure of aspiration-free hobbies

Recently, inspired by the gorgeous work of people like Pen Friend, Charabia Letters, Jasmine Dowling and The Writing I started having a play with hand-lettering. This kind of stuff: When Mia goes to bed at 7pm, Jaden sets up his paints and while he paints, I sit there and experiment with Continue Reading