When did exercise become a luxury?

I’m not generally one for listening in on people’s conversations in cafés, but sometimes the proximity and pitch of the voices involved make it hard not to. And on this particular day, the conversation between two women around my age was doubly hard to tune out as it centred around something close Continue Reading

Why I Write

If you read widely in the Aussie blogosphere you’ll have seen a lot of posts running round at the moment titled ‘Why I write.’ {If you’re a writer looking for inspiration, you can view a whole bunch of them at the bottom of this post.} Now my lovely friend Anna tagged me waaaay back in April to Continue Reading

10 ways life is simpler than we think

Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time fantasising about selling everything we own and moving the whole family to a bush shack in Yallingup. Whenever my mind starts wandering in this direction, I know what it’s actually craving. A simpler life. And it appears I’m not the only one because Continue Reading

The best way to achieve big goals is really boring

The difference between long distance triathlon and long distance running is this: In triathlon, you can start out feeling pretty average yet still come good. With running, however, if you start out feeling average, you’re going to finish feeling super-average. Especially when the distance you’re Continue Reading

Success and balance – can they co-exist?

It’s September 2013 and I’m feeling pretty smug. You know that magical state of ‘balance’ we’re all seeking? Well call me David Copperfield because I’ve managed to conjure it up. All my work can be done during actual work hours, I’m being an awesome mum, my house is running like clockwork, I know Continue Reading