This is my brain on a close game of footy

*Warning, my brain swears a lot when watching the footy. First Quarter Ok boys, let’s do this. If we want to play in a grand final this year, we need to win this game and win it well. Yah, first goal! Gah. (Carlton kick a goal.) Yeah Fyfey! Yeah Ballas! That’s more like the Freo I know Continue Reading

Be careful who you outsource your thinking to

If you read something - be it on the internet, in a book or a magazine - and it captures your imagination, you can pretty much guarantee there is story involved. Humans have been using storytelling for thousands of years to share ideas, disseminate information and teach. It's a truly wonderful Continue Reading

The one thing …

The one thing I should do less often is: procrastinate. It may surprise some to know that I am a world-class procrastinator when I want to be and the worst thing you could ever tell me about something you need from me is 'no rush'. The one thing I should do more often is: take time to be still Continue Reading

The best and worst thing about life. It goes on.

When I was 22 my brother died in a car accident. His death left a hole in my heart that will never be filled and a grief that started stunningly sharp, but slowly (ever so slowly) softened to something bubbling gently below the surface on a permanent basis. Every so often one of those bubbles Continue Reading

Everything changed for me when …

This question should be asked in every interview to every person ever: Everything changed for me when … It was asked of Elle Roberts here and I just loved her answer: I stopped listening to other peoples’ version of success, and started believing in my own. Elle’s thoughts of course Continue Reading

When did exercise become a luxury?

I’m not generally one for listening in on people’s conversations in cafés, but sometimes the proximity and pitch of the voices involved make it hard not to. And on this particular day, the conversation between two women around my age was doubly hard to tune out as it centred around something close Continue Reading