Success and balance – can they co-exist?

It’s September 2013 and I’m feeling pretty smug. You know that magical state of ‘balance’ we’re all seeking? Well call me David Copperfield because I’ve managed to conjure it up. All my work can be done during actual work hours, I’m being an awesome mum, my house is running like clockwork, I know Continue Reading

Introducing My Family

You know 'that' visceral desire/ticking clock thing most women seem to have when it comes to having children? I never had it. This meant poor Ant (keen to procreate from a much earlier age), had to put up for many years with me always having 'just one more thing' I needed to do or achieve before Continue Reading

This guy

Last year for his birthday I wrote this and it's pretty much the best thing I've ever written (certainly nothing I've written since has gone close.) So I'm not going to even try and better it. I'm just going to say: Happy birthday Ant. And yes, you are right. Every day I reflect on how Continue Reading