No more leave for Swish Design staff. Ever.

It is safe to say that the life less frantic I have been leading lately is largely thanks to both my wonderful husband for running our business so well, and of course our wonderful staff for being well, wonderful. Which is why our staff are never allowed to take annual leave ever again. These last two weeks we have been down a man because my brother (who is our Creative Director) and his wife had their second child. Consequently I have had to pick up the slack in addition to all the other things I have been doing lately. And this returned me to that state of not just busy, but stressed out  busy that I enjoyed for oh, about five years solid from 2006 to 2011.

I think maybe it’s not such a bad thing to get a reminder of where you have come from just so you can appreciate where you are … but still, I am banning annual leave for all Swish Design staff from now till forever. Because it’s all about me right?

Anyway – for the reasons stated above, the sum total of writing I did last week was restricted to this very quick “don’t miss me too much” post. The good news is, we are enjoying having the dogs stay with us. The bad news is that Jaden has started calling them “my dogs” and our back deck hasn’t magically morphed into a real deal back yard with grass and stuff.

The other bad news for me was that by the end of last week, I was feeling the effects of having done no writing. It was like someone had cut my arm off but I could still feel an itch in my fingers. The good news was that Monday was a public holiday so I stayed up late on Sunday night banging this one out because it needed to be said. Be nice online people. Writing nasty things about Delta Goodrem and any other celebrity on twitter is not cool. Leaving horrid anonymous comments on people’s blog posts is not cool. Creating facebook groups specifically to say nasty things about any one person or group of people is not cool.

Then I got on a roll so I wrote my husband a love letter for his birthday before mourning the loss of this guy. I recounted the birth story of Swish Design over at Women in Focus and I interviewed someone very cool for I love pretty things.

While I love writing about business topics, this first post in a series about how to drive traffic to a website or online shop may have been the reason I then completely lost my mojo! So I outsourced the writing of this week’s lifehacker post. It was such a success I might have to do it again sometime soon!

Finally – the latest edition of Latte Magazine is out and I am quite chuffed to being sharing a page with some truly lovely and inspirational people (see below). If you’re a female in business, it’s definitely well worth becoming a Business Chick purely because a year’s subscription to Latte comes with your membership.

And that folks, is a wrap. I am GREATLY looking forward to the weekend and a return to a life less frantic next week. What are you looking forward to this weekend?! Share it in the comments!

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  1. says

    Oh dear, enjoy your weekend and I hope that things are much less frantic this week! I love your post about kindness, I think it is something that all too often gets forgotten. Admittedly, my sense of humour is quite sardonic and sarcastic and people often mistake that for maliciousness when I’m usually just being facetious. I often poke fun at myself, too, especially in writing so I guess I figure that when people see that they just realise it’s me having a really awkward sense of humour! That aside, there really is no reason for people to be outright nasty, as they have been to quite a number of people in the blogosphere lately. It’s terribly unfortunate that people feel the need to be so utterly awful!

    • says

      Ha ha Hannah – I would get your sense of humour. I am quite a big fan of sarcasm and facetiousness! My mum always used to tell me off for the latter!