A Manifesto for a Simple Life

Hey there! If you’re looking for The Smile Collective, you’ve found it … sort of! The Smile Collective was a passion project of mine but I had to let it go due to an extreme need to simplify my life (see – practising what I preach!) But never fear, the manifestos live on!

Over the past year so many people have asked me how and where they can buy A Manifesto for a Simple Life, I created a Red Bubble store for them. And I am slowly adding other manifestos to the store when I get the chance. The Red Bubble store is a little confusing however so click the appropriate image below to be taken to the exact right spot in the Red Bubble store to purchase that item.

Not sure which product is right for you? You can find out more about each by clicking the links below:

Throw Pillow Cover | Tote Bag | Art Print | Poster | Photographic Print | Canvas Print | Framed Print

  • Art Print (starts from $35 | 300mm x 400mm)

  • Canvas Print (starts from $85 | 203mm x 288mm)

  • Cushion Covers (start from $23 | 41cm x 41cm)

  • Framed Print (starts from $110 | 203mm x 288mm)

  • Tote Bags (start from $20 | 33cm x 33cm)

  • Photographic Print (starts from $10 | 203mm x 288mm)