Lifehacker Tip #9 – Make your bed!

A short and sweet post this week! Do you make your bed every day? If not, here’s why you should.

Making your bed in the morning means you have started the day with a great big TICK! Oh how we love ticks! Making your bed means that if you achieve nothing else for the day, you have still achieved something.

As for the end of the day – is there anything nicer than getting into a made up bed to go to sleep? No I am not sure there is!

Making your bed bookends your day beautifully and is probably the reason Gretchen Rubin recommends it here in her interview with Sarah Wilson on the subject of happiness.


And because today’s post is so short, here are some pretty pics of  beautifully made up beds I would be more than thrilled to climb into at the end of a long day :)







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  1. says

    Couldn’t agree more Kel. My hubby starts working day shift next Monday, after 15 years of night shift 6 nights a week, and I’m so excited to be able to have a nicely made bed during the day (small pleasures).

    One of my dreams is to have someone put fresh sheets on my bed EVERY day…..and of course wash and fold every day too :)

  2. says

    Ba ha ha… Today was the first day EVER that I have not made my bed! I had to get somewhere, got caught on Skype and has to run out the door late!

  3. says

    Yes, I agree, its a small small thing to do but it makes such a big feel good factor! Another thing I’d say is if you hate making your bed because blankets are such a pain, get a duvet – one swoosh and your bed is made!

  4. says

    I love fresh sheets and I think my day generally correlates to the state of my bed! I love that first pic too, grey and yellow are such a lovely combination :)

  5. says

    My Mum drummed in to me when I was growing up that ‘dirty girls’ went to school with unmade beds! It was a habit that took me over 28 years to let go of! Sometimes my greatest luxury is to not make the bed, sorry for being the rebel to your cause!! xo Love your pretty blog, so glad to have found it!

    • says

      Ha ha Louise – it sounds like a good habit to get drummed out of!! And if it is a LUXURY for you NOT to make your bed … then I say that is all good ;)