I rename thee ‘Nespresso Day’

Some of you might think that today is called ‘Friday the 13th’ – but not at Casa Exeter. Nuh uh, today at my house has been christened ‘Nespresso Day’.

You can only imagine the joy with which I took delivery of this little baby this morning:

Isn’t she beautiful? I am calling her Jane. She looks like a Jane don’t you think? And before you ask … no I haven’t cracked her open yet. I am exhibiting gigantic self-control and waiting till X comes home so he can share in the fun. Just call me ‘wife of the year’.

So … I’ve got two hours to fill till X gets here. What shall I do, what shall I do …

Oh, I know, let’s re-cap the last fortnight shall we?!

Here at A life less frantic

I first pondered the difference between introverts and extroverts and then for good measure followed up with the difference between boys and girls.

I was thrilled to announce that I finally conquered the nemesis that was meditation before introducing you all to the amazing Edenland and her most recent exploits (in Africa no less).

Then I got all prolific and stuff and threw a book review (Portia de Rossi – Unbearable Lightness) and a new Lifehacker Tip into the mix.

Phew no wonder I am bit tired today … maybe I need a coffee?

In other news

X and I finally FINALLY signed off on a new lease for Swish Design (our business) so next month we are off to new digs in Leederville. West Perth was ok but we’ve really outgrown our current office (which is why I am working from home at the moment – I need my space!). The new premises are bigger and prettier and even have a little office with a door that shuts, especially for me!

Speaking of Swish Design, if you are a small/medium enterprise business owner, you might like the new fortnightly newsletter we have just started. It’s called FYI and you can check out the first issue here! I quite like it so I hope other people do too!

In blogland

I’d really love for you all to go have a look at this post from the amazing Nathalie at Easy Peasy Kids. Nat has a FULL ON life for various reasons yet she has still found it in herself to do a wonderful thing.

And when you’re finished reading Nat’s post, go have a read of all Eden’s posts from her trip to Niger.

Finally – I had to share this GREAT post from the Problogger site. I have a hard time explaining to people why I love twitter so much and how I have people I call ‘friends’ who I know only from twitter. This post explains it!

Thought for the week {sorry, it’s a bit of a writerly joke}

And pretty picture for the week

I actually tried to do this to my bookshelf – but it meant that all the books were out of height order. In my anal world, height trumps everything else unfortunately :(


Happy Friday the 13th everyone!! How was your week?



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  1. says

    I love this for so many reasons. Firstly, I have a nespresso machine I secretly call Javier and secondly my book shelf is colour-coded….I think I even wrote a short post about it once! Enjoy your weekend :)

    • says

      Javier!! That is awesome! Hmm – maybe my coffee machine should have a boy name too …

      And I am kinda desperate to do the colour coded bookshelf thing. I think I need to go a bookshelf like the one in the pic so that I can colour code AND height arrange in each section!

  2. says

    Well I can’t actually comment on the Nespreaso (I don’t like coffee – don’t all hate me, it means more for you, though I’d have one just for the smell of coffee – do love that!), but I heart the splashback – looks identical to ours (Dulux Red Box??)
    Haven’t done colour-grouped book organising, but I DID do it with my CD collection – much more satisfying thanks to their height uniformity!

    • says

      Ah Mel – great minds!! I can’t quite remember the exact details of the splashback … but all I know is that I HAD to have a red splashback in our kitchen. I saw it in a magazine once paired with black cupboards and it was love at first sight!!

  3. says

    Kelly! You’re so inspiring. I love the ENERGY I get when I read your post. Your bounce is infectious – and its just what my tired self needs. I wish you lived closer so that you could take me on one of your runs, then I’d hire you to organise my computer/study/house/life!

  4. says

    Hi Kelly, I’ve nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award. I’ve always loved popping over to your blogs for a fabulous little read. I find them inspiring and refreshing! Thank-you Liza xxx