While I wish I got paid to blog all day long, unfortunately that’s not the case. Here’s a summary of where I’ve been and where I am at!

A quick glance at my professional background

After studying Human Movement (Sport Science) at the University of WA, I graduated in 1998 with a BSc. I worked for 18 months as the Sport and Recreation Officer at UWA Sports before realising that while I loved sport, it was not the industry I wanted to work in. I’d always had a love of design and was already self-taught in many key programs so I decided to re-train in Graphic Design and Multimedia.

Within one month of finishing my new studies, I secured a graphic design position with a marketing agency. I worked with this company for nearly six years before resigning in 2006 to start my own business, Swish Design.

Over the next five years Swish Design grew steadily from being just me to where it is now, a vibrant team of five. In August 2011 I succumbed to the dual stresses of running a business while filling a role that had become a little soul-destroying for me: all client relations and no creative. At this point my totally awesome husband assumed the role of General Manager and sent me home to rest and recuperate.

What I am doing these days

Currently I am honouring the introvert in me – the part of me that likes people, but can’t spend my whole day around them as I find it draining! So I have been taking on jobs that allow me to work in peace at home!

Do I want to work for you?


Since it is my craft and because I have over 10 years experience, my graphic design rates aren’t cheap @ $110/hr. But if you are looking for a great designer who is efficient and FAST, I reckon you’ve found her ;)

I love editing so if you have an article, or sales copy, or a press release or a blog post … or anything at all that could do with some sprucing up, I can help with that too!

As for writing – I have particular interest and expertise in writing about:

  • Being organised and living a stress-free life
  • Small business
  • Being a working mum
  • Health and fitness
  • Running
  • Books

Want to get in contact with me? Email is my preferred form of communication.