How to make money from blogging

These are the notes I took at the 2011 Problogger Conference with regard to how people are making money from blogging.

Selling advertising on their site

  • Lady Melbourne suggests that ~10,000 visits a month is a point where you can be confident that you are offering advertisers good value
  • Quick tips for finding/attracting advertisers: be shameless (get your name out there – especially at networking events), have a professionally designed media kit, approach people whose products you already use, have a look to see who else is advertising on blogs in your niche, go local if your blog has a local flavour
  • Be nice to everyone – even PR companies or advertisers whose advances you are currently rejecting. They may be people you would like to work with down the track.

Creating and selling e-books

  • For the most part, people were using information freely available on their site and re-purposing it into E-books. People ARE willing to pay for great information from your site, pulled together into one convenient location (ie an e-book that they can print out)
  • It’s always nice to flesh out some of the detail so there is a little bit of new content in the e-book that isn’t available on the site, but Darren cited “30 Days to Build a Better Blog” as having on 15% new content on the 30 blog posts that it was based on.
  • In short, if there is high reader interest in a series of posts, then that series of posts can be re-purposed into an e-book. Hair Romance did just this with her 30 hairstyles in 30 days series of posts {}

Demonstrating expertise

  • By demonstrating expertise you can attract clients. Paul Cunningham says this works for him.
  • If you want companies to engage your speaking services, using a blog to demonstrate your expertise is great for this too. Nikki from Styling You is one such example.

Sponsored posts

  • Mrs Woog and a lot of Mummy Bloggers derive income from running sponsored posts on their websites. Mrs Woog loves the challenge of writing a sponsored post as she and has even given a demonstration here for companies who don’t realise that for the best results, they need to trust the blogger and be willing to relinquish creative control when engaging a blogger’s services for a sponsored post.

Membership models

  • I think Sonia would have spoken about this concept in her session on What’s the Difference Between a Tribe and a Business? It is quite a hard model to pursue as first you need to create GREAT content (that you give away for free) to build a large and highly engaged following. THEN, you need to create PREMIUM content that is EVEN BETTER than your free content that people will pay to have access to.

Getting a book deal

  • I know of quite a few people who managed to get a book deal off the back of their blogs. Nicole Avery from Planning with Kids was approached to write a book because of her blog.
  • Some people actually start a blog, build a following, and then pitch to a publishing company
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      Thanks Rach – I am so glad you found it useful. I think I have go back in and add that not everyone WANTS to make money off their blog and that is of course, totally fine too!!

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    Gee, thanks so much for being so generous with your knowledge and experience. I am loving the huge learning curve of being a relatively new blogger, and posts like yours are like finding a home-cooked roast after eating takeaway for a week. Thanks. Now I’ve just got to sit down and digest… LOL

    Regards, grace