The importance of being earnest

Whenever I start talking to people about something I am passionate about, I get terribly earnest*. Earnest: serious in intention, purpose, or effort; sincerely zealous. This is a problem because whenever I feel the earnest coming on I cringe a bit. Actually I cringe a lot. And then I get Continue Reading

Do we always need to check our privilege?

When I was a kid we did not have much money for anything but the essentials. This meant as a sports loving kid I got to do all my sports watching on tv. The exceptions to this were the two times my Grandpa took me to the Hopman Cup here in Perth (I was mad about tennis) and the one time my friend Continue Reading

The wisdom of Russell Brand

Today is the birthday of the brother I lost 14 years ago. He would be 32 today. His birthdays hurt more than the anniversaries of his death because to me they hammer home all the potential that was lost the day he died. Also today I found out that someone I don't know, but who is friends with Continue Reading

How to rebuild lost confidence

Every one of us has experienced at least one instance in our lives where our confidence has been smashed and we’ve had to re-build shattered psyches from the ground up. It might have been an acrimonious break-up, losing a job, failing an exam or being rejected by someone we thought was a Continue Reading

Learning not to wish the moment away

When Jaden was a baby we used to take him to the park a lot because, you know, parks have trees and babies like lying under trees. And I remember thinking ‘I can’t wait till he can do a little bit more than lie on a blanket under a tree.’ Of course once he could sit up by himself I looked forward Continue Reading