Introducing My Family

You know 'that' visceral desire/ticking clock thing most women seem to have when it comes to having children? I never had it. This meant poor Ant (keen to procreate from a much earlier age), had to put up for many years with me always having 'just one more thing' I needed to do or achieve before Continue Reading

What would you change in your teenage self?

The book I’m reading at the moment has an interesting plot line to it. The soul of the main character (an adult) is taken back into her teenage body (and time). As you can imagine, the character struggles to act like the teenager she was because it’s pretty hard to behave like a teenager when you’ve Continue Reading

This guy

Last year for his birthday I wrote this and it's pretty much the best thing I've ever written (certainly nothing I've written since has gone close.) So I'm not going to even try and better it. I'm just going to say: Happy birthday Ant. And yes, you are right. Every day I reflect on how Continue Reading

Finding the words to describe my mum

Do you know what one of the most popular search terms for my site is? (ie search terms Google sends me traffic for.) It’s ‘describe your mother’. People searching for that term often get sent to this post. And by jove, I know why so many people are typing that search term into Google. I Continue Reading

Why you should make your own rules

I've always had a great love of colour charts. No surprise there really. I've been a graphic designer for nearly 15 years - I work with colour every day and colour is often the thing that will make or break a design. So I've spent hours browsing sites like this one and this one and this Continue Reading

What’s your special talent?

My friend Sonia has a special talent. She has the ability to take a blog post, any blog post, and neatly summarise it in 100 characters or less (convenient for tweeting!) She's done it for my posts so many times I'm thinking of employing her as a headline writer. My favourite Instagram feed Continue Reading

You know what? You’re doing a great job

Yesterday I posted a link to this Penelope Trunk piece on Facebook. It caused a bit of debate on my FB page and prompted my friend Anna to say: “What I'd like to see is an article that says ‘You are doing the best thing you know how to. Good on you.’” And it struck me that she had a Continue Reading