A conversation with myself about authenticity

“I’m trying really, really hard to be authentic. Sometimes I’m successful, but other times I overthink it and a lot of bullshit comes out.” I know how you feel girl. I mean ‘authenticity’. What even is ‘authenticity’? I guess it’s ‘being true to yourself’? But how, given all the things that Continue Reading

How to be kind to yourself

Yesterday, I spent the entirety of a 30 minute run composing a succession of clever, point-scoring comebacks in reply to someone who’d written something snarky to me. I have to admit, despite it being a ‘bad energy’ thing I don’t generally indulge in, it was fun being able to ‘say’ all the things Continue Reading

10 Questions

Now a confession: I'm not big on blogging memes. But there is one going round at the moment that I've been tagged in a few times and I figure Fridays are always good for '20 question' type posts. Or in this case ... 10 questions. Here are my answers - feel free to leave YOUR answers in the comments. Continue Reading