How to get what you want

First of all, a quick update on the 'push-ups situation'. If you remember, the week before last I set myself the task of doing 30 push-ups a day. Naturally, this was such a ridiculous number (and place to start) I did none. I am happy to report that reverting to my usual 'start so ridiculously Continue Reading

How I motivate myself to exercise

Back when I was a triathlete I trained every single day; twice most days. So you’d be forgiven for thinking I was highly motivated. The truth was, every single morning I struggled to get out of bed to do my morning session. Every single afternoon was spent negotiating with myself at my desk at Continue Reading

Super yummy hunger crushing smoothie

If you remember, last week I declared war on toast. And if ever toast had a natural environment, it's breakfast. The problem with toast is that, while relatively quick and easy, unless you're putting something scrumptious on it like say avocado, about 30 minutes later you're starving again. And some Continue Reading

Synchronicity and toast

I love a bit of synchronicity. Probably the most life changing example of this in the last few years was seeing Susan Cain’s TED Talk on introversion, then two weeks later coming across her book in an airport bookshop. Reading that book was life changing for me and I have learned a lot about myself Continue Reading