Half a second to achieve success

You guys know I've been banging on a bit about the universe this year right? Well the universe has struck again. I've had a copy of  Life in Half a Second sitting on my desk since I first read it in late November last year. It was a big driver in the decision to write my book and I've been Continue Reading

Sincere forms of flattery

I have just finished reading the most delightful little book and it has both captivated and inspired me so much I just have to share. The book is a compilation of short essays and stories called Sincere Forms of Flattery. In it six young writers share their thoughts (in essay form) about the Continue Reading

Four great recent reads {plus a giveaway!}

So it’s been a while since I have done a book post … and in that time I have been busily devouring books at my usual compulsive rate. While I enjoy pretty much every book I read (because if I am not enjoying it, then I stop reading it) there have been a few stand outs in recent months that I feel I Continue Reading