The underrated pleasure of aspiration-free hobbies

Recently, inspired by the gorgeous work of people like Pen Friend, Charabia Letters, Jasmine Dowling and The Writing I started having a play with hand-lettering. This kind of stuff: When Mia goes to bed at 7pm, Jaden sets up his paints and while he paints, I sit there and experiment with Continue Reading

A different way of looking at yourself

Today I thought I’d share with you the first chapter from my book Your Best Year Yet. It was the hardest chapter for me to write, and perhaps because of that, it seems to have struck a chord. It’s certainly the chapter that people most comment on when giving me feedback about Your Best Year Yet Continue Reading

Magic happens when you say ‘I can’

A few weeks ago, when I wrote this post,  Emelle mentioned in the comments that she wasn’t a fan of the word ‘should’. And I could see where she was coming from. Should needs to be wielded with care doesn’t it? Because should is a mandate. A word tied up in guilt and reprobation. And Continue Reading

Why I Write

If you read widely in the Aussie blogosphere you’ll have seen a lot of posts running round at the moment titled ‘Why I write.’ {If you’re a writer looking for inspiration, you can view a whole bunch of them at the bottom of this post.} Now my lovely friend Anna tagged me waaaay back in April to Continue Reading

What does your reading pile say about you?

These are the books on my bedside table currently awaiting my attention (just quietly ... how bad are my photography skills? I really need to re-take this picture!) You'll notice a complete lack of fiction there. I much prefer to read fiction over non-fiction (and currently have Francesca Continue Reading