Half a second to achieve success

You guys know I've been banging on a bit about the universe this year right? Well the universe has struck again. I've had a copy of  Life in Half a Second sitting on my desk since I first read it in late November last year. It was a big driver in the decision to write my book and I've been Continue Reading

Celebrating how far I’ve come

A friend shared these words by Seth Godin on Instagram yesterday. And I was reminded of the very first time I read them. It was around the time I wrote this blog post. Go ahead - have a read and see what my days used to look like. I'll wait. Suffice to say -  I was stressed out of my Continue Reading

Can we talk about the word ‘mediocre’?

Good grief I’ve seen the word mediocre used a bit this last week. Maybe because I’ve been on the lookout for it since I read this Wendy Squires column. There was so much ‘YES’ for me in Wendy’s column – and I said as much on Twitter. Bits like this one: "You know, I can't recall the last time Continue Reading

How to get what you want

First of all, a quick update on the 'push-ups situation'. If you remember, the week before last I set myself the task of doing 30 push-ups a day. Naturally, this was such a ridiculous number (and place to start) I did none. I am happy to report that reverting to my usual 'start so ridiculously Continue Reading