10 ways life is simpler than we think

Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time fantasising about selling everything we own and moving the whole family to a bush shack in Yallingup. Whenever my mind starts wandering in this direction, I know what it’s actually craving. A simpler life. And it appears I’m not the only one because Continue Reading

Success and balance – can they co-exist?

It’s September 2013 and I’m feeling pretty smug. You know that magical state of ‘balance’ we’re all seeking? Well call me David Copperfield because I’ve managed to conjure it up. All my work can be done during actual work hours, I’m being an awesome mum, my house is running like clockwork, I know Continue Reading

Doing what you love is easier than you think

I always wince a little when I see this Steve Jobs quote: I’m quite aware he intended it to be an aspirational call to action. But I’m not sure he meant it to convey ‘if you’re not doing what you love for a job, then you’re a mug’. Regardless, it’s become quite the holy grail these Continue Reading

What our kids want is not what you think

Today I have a lovely guest post from Belinda over at bbeingcool.com. Belinda writes about fashion, food and life on her very gorgeous blog. At the moment, I'm recovering from an ankle reconstruction. What that has meant is six weeks of resting. Not much walking, no driving, no dishes, no Continue Reading

When is the right time to be brave and bold?

My bosses were pretty shocked. And justifiably so. Only a month earlier I’d had a long chat with one of them about how I had no aspirations to have my own business – I was happy being a worker; ‘let someone else have all the stress of running a business and being responsible for Continue Reading

Why live an intentional life?

I’m sitting at my desk, eyes dropping out of my head, and I’m wondering how the hell I’m going to get ‘everything’ done. Between businesses, kids and running a household, my to-do list is longer than my legs. Literally. As overwhelm takes hold, my mind takes refuge in a familiar fantasy. That’s Continue Reading

Why we all need to stop fighting with ourselves

"It’s made me stop thinking ‘oh you are an idiot’ and more ‘your brain is wired to do things this way’" I knew exactly what my friend C was talking about when she said this because I felt exactly the same way the first time I did a personality test. Up till that point, everything I considered Continue Reading