Everyone, I’d like you to meet my friend Jane

Well hello there Friday! Where did you come from? It’s probably not surprising you have snuck up on me given it’s been a bit of a busy week since I got back from Bali on Tuesday. So what’s happening today? Well I am thrilled to let you know that one of the projects I mentioned in this post has Continue Reading

Pantone’s Colour of 2012 is …

Yep I can hear you non-designers from here. You're thinking "Pantone? Who the heck is Pantone? And where do they get off choosing a colour of the year?" Well Pantone are the creators of a colour matching system relied upon by designers the world over. That's why when someone creates a logo or Continue Reading

Beautiful rituals

I love routine. I like to have each day planned in advance because well - it's the only way I can fit as much as I do into a day. While this constant planning and adherence to a routine can have its bad points, sometimes it can throw up a little surprise. Piece of your routine becomes ritual... and Continue Reading