{Book Review} White Horse by Alex Adams

Sometimes it pays to be on facebook at the right time. The other day I was taking a short break from hours of hard work mucking around on facebook when I spied the White Horse book cover in my feed. I am always a sucker for a killer cover so over to the Simon and Schuster page I went for a closer look. Turns out they were looking for people to review this first offering from Alex Adams and quickly my hand shot up!

Three days later I had the book in my hot little hands and dove straight in. Given I don’t read book blurbs I had little idea what White Horse was going to be about although the cover did suggest something apocalyptic had happened and this proved to be true. Mankind has finally managed to do a job on itself and the ‘present day’ in this book is a post-apocalytic Earth.

The story is told in what I call ‘slow reveal’ fashion. Meaning you meet a character somewhere in the middle of the story and then jump back and forth in time to find out how they have gotten to where they are and why they are heading in the direction they are going.

So it is that, through the eyes of main character Zoe, the reader slowly gets an idea of how the people of Earth have managed to wipe themselves out and paints a picture of what is left behind for the survivors. Zoe herself is on a journey and the book centres around where exactly she is going and why. Journeys always involve adventure and while Zoe’s escapades don’t reach any great heights, her travelling companions provide lots in the way of simmering tension and anxiety.

And that’s pretty much all I am going to say about the plot because I don’t want to give a heap away.

What I do want to talk about is the author’s addiction to the metaphor. There’s highly descriptive language … and then there are metaphors. I’m a card carrying member of the ‘likes to read fast’ club so can happily skim the former but the latter stops me in my tracks. I found myself having to re-read paragraphs several times over trying to get my head around exactly what the author was trying to communicate. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing to be forced to read more slowly, but it did get a bit tiring after a while.

Still, when all was said and done White Horse was an entertaining read with neat little reveals along the way and some satisfying/didn’t see those coming little twists at the end. It’s also the first of a trilogy so I am definitely interested to see where the author takes the characters from here as the ending of White Horse was quite tidy!


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