And that my friends is what you call ‘cut through’

As some of you may know, last Friday I attended a blogging conference in Melbourne. It was immensely informative and also gave an indication of just how big blogging has become in Australia and how powerful the voices of bloggers are.

Most people still think of blogging in the same way they regard twitter or facebook – copious oversharing of the inane.

Blogging is so much more than that though. For the most part, bloggers are people who love to write – they are storytellers. So when they share their thoughts on a given topic, people read it, enjoy it and come back for more. No blogging cohort illustrates this better than the ‘Mummy Bloggers’ – women who share their thoughts and ideas about the joys and challenges of motherhood and life in general. These women have collectively garnered a huge following because their words resonate with their readers, making them think “Yeah, I feel like that too” or “That’s interesting how she dealt with that situation”.

I personally have learned a lot from this group of bloggers, taking particular note of the way women with older children than I deal with certain situations. I have a significant number of “mental notes for the future” in my head!

It’s not just other mums who are on board with the Mummy Bloggers though, corporate Australia is also starting to take note. Certain astute companies and organisations have realised that this group of bloggers have slowly, patiently and authentically built significant audiences for themselves – audiences who know, like and TRUST them. And these companies are slowly starting to realise that taking a ‘risk’ and putting themselves at the mercy of these bloggers can bear wonderful fruit.

When I say “putting themselves at the mercy of” – I am referring to the fact that to engage effectively with a given blogger’s audience, you must be prepared to do it on their terms and allow them to write in their own voice. Any company engaging a blogger’s services and then attempting to censor their work is missing the point.

When you let a blogger speak in their own voice, wonderful things can happen. For instance, a couple of months ago, Ambi Pur took a group of bloggers to Thailand and one of these bloggers was the inimitable Eden Riley. Eden will tell you that she doesn’t know what her blog is ‘about’ or what her ‘brand’ is. But that is exactly what makes her so great, and why she has the following she does. Her ‘brand’ is just ‘Eden’.

And sometimes Eden does stuff like this:

Now. I have seen the current Ambi Pur ad on tv countless times and it has barely registered in my brain. After seeing Eden’s video though, I really SAW the Ambi Pur tv ad for what felt like the first time.

And I actually absorbed the message that Ambi Pur can cover even the most ferral of smells and I thought to myself, “I need some of that stuff for our toilet …”

And that my friends is what is known in the advertising world as “cut through”.



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  1. says

    Kelly, thank you for explaining my brand! I’m just going to send any potential PRs and companies here, kthks.


    (So, a cut-through …. have you worked in advertising?)

    • says

      No probs Eden ;)

      I haven’t worked IN advertising but I used to be the Senior Designer at a marketing company … and EVERYTHING was about “cutting through the clutter”!