And that my friends is what you call a wrap*

*Yes, I am still struggling to think of a good name for what is now the fortnightly wrap up – but hey, we’re getting there :)

Anyhoo, shortly after writing this post I shall be retiring hurt to bed because my allergies have just blasted off in a rocket for the moon and taken my sinuses with them. Urgh. Maybe they are gearing up for the next couple of weeks which involve two days in Sydney for work, then back home for a week before heading to Melbourne for a blogging conference then back up to Sydney on the weekend for a wedding. Oh. Em. Gee. That’s a lot of planes taking off and landing in an 11 day period! SO instead of thinking about that, I shall reflect on the last two weeks!

Here at A Life Less Frantic

I have twice marched to my own beat, the first time reflecting on who I was before I was a mum and the second was thinking about the things that are important to me. This has been a very interesting exercise so far and I am looking forward to seeing the prompts from next week!

After losing considerable sleep getting through the entire Girl with a Dragon Tattoo trilogy I shared what I loved about them here. Then a week later I shared something (other than reading) that made me absurdly happy!

Finally, would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on the lifehacker tips I have been sharing! These last weeks have featured a couple of my favourites, both courtesy of Gretchen Rubin: the one minute rule and … make your bed!

Over in the business world

I post several things at Women in Focus: Did you know that the best kind of feedback can be the worst kind? Or that podcasts are an awesome way for the time poor business owner to keep up? I have also had some interesting comments on my facebook page regarding the concept that the universe will provide! I HAD to share this brilliant video that one of our Swish Design clients had on their facebook wall and … speaking of Swish Design, we FINALLY launched our new website (we started working on it FOUR months ago! Terrible).

Some of my favourites from this week

Sarah Wilson – I am forever linking to her website but this post from her yesterday particularly hit the mark for me: Are you all dress rehearsal and no play?

I loved this image from the Makeness website: What the first year of your solo business looks like.

And one of my Women in Focus buddies shared this great article: Swamped by your workload? 5 ways to get out of the mess!

Best images

Loved this gorgeous image on my friend Bec’s Project Happy post today:



Flowers anyone? {from here}



Finally – how deliciously CRAZY is this amazing wallpaper? I found it while browsing through the amazingly gorgeous Down That Little Lane website :)



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  1. says

    I love the pics…I want wallpaper like that.

    Sometimes its best not to ponder what comes ahead, just focus on your bed and feeling better. I get palpitations when I started to do the mental list of what comes next, oh wait now my jaw is clenched…im going to stop typing or Ill list whats coming next!

    Feel better x

  2. says

    Nice wrap Kelly, love the idea. Loving the lifehacker tips too. I moved away from Sarah Wilson recently, just love my sugar too much, and my crap food and felt like I wasn’t getting her as much. Think I’ll pop by again, thanks for the nudge. Take it easy on those allergies – busy time coming up!!!

    • says

      Thanks Lisa!! I am a quitting sugar convert. Never thought I would be … but gosh I did it and I do feel a million times better for it. But I’m not too anal about it … every so often I will have a little something just to have it!

  3. says

    Hi Kelly,

    Great pics, love the wallpaper…just thought you should know that your website is doing something funky – I can’t access it at all, it comes up with a message box saying you must have a name and a login and then you can’t close or back out, then to shut it I have to go to task manager. I then tried accessing your site from a google search as well but luck there either.

    I am feeling your pain, I too suffer from chronis sinusitus (cause is quote environmental allergy) only cure for me is to move out of Sydney up the coast!

    Take care, Nik xx