Always striving, never arriving?

I know it’s only been two weeks, but it feels like it’s been a month since I last wrote this fortnightly wrap post. I am not even sure why. I’ve been busy, but a nice form of busy – you know, the non-stressful/I’ve got this all under control busy. Which is nice :)

Let’s get into this shall we?

Right here at A Life Less Frantic

That new Nespresso machine is clearly doing all kinds of great things for my writing because I have been in a frenzy!

Last week I shared how the book blurb is one of my mortal enemies (yes, I have many) and then got all grateful (the Nespresso machine’s influence again I think!). I also tried my hand at some creative writing before taking some time to answer the one question I am getting asked a LOT these days!

I love me a book review and this week the first offering from new author Alex Adams crossed my desk.

Finally, both lifehacker tips centred around another mortal enemy of mine, the kitchen. Do you menu plan? I am giving it another shot because when I do, life is just that little bit easier. And what about lunch? Do you have toast every day like I do or are you a bit more creative!

Where else have I been?

I have to admit that I have been constantly thinking about my very first blog (I love pretty things) and yearning for a way to re-start it that doesn’t involve a whole lot of stress and time I don’t have. Well my lovely friend Maz was telling me about her new blog and PING, a little idea went off in my head as to how I could re-vamp I love pretty things and get it going again. The result – check it out here :)

I also briefly put my business hat back on to discuss the power of the ideal client over at Women in Focus.

Over in the land of the blogs

Are you tired of me linking to posts on Sarah Wilson’s site yet? Well apologies, but here’s another. My little family has been practicising this concept for AGES to ensure we get to Monday feeling refreshed and chilled and it really works y’know?

Finally, are you always striving but never arriving? This very spot-on post from Bernadette Jiwa eerily sums up the last 15 years of my life! I’ve ‘arrived’ now though ;)

Thought for the week

If you read my “So Kelly, what exactly is it that you do post” you will have seen this one below, but I think it is worth repeating don’t you?

Image of the week

How phenomenal is this photo? It is from here.


Happy weekend everyone! My beloved Dockers are playing Carlton tonight and I have started to get all tense already!! Go Freo!!


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