My friend Laney likes to say she’s not the expert, she’s the experiment.

I love that because the same applies to me. It’s taken me years to figure out how to live a life less frantic, but I still stuff up and find myself stressed out and over-committed every so often. The good thing is, it takes me less time to pull back and adjust when I push things too far these days.

But I never stop learning and that’s what this blog is about – the things I’ve learned that might be useful to those who quite like being busy, but also crave a simpler life (I believe the two CAN co-exist!).

Want to come along for the ride?!

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When I meet someone for the first time and they ask ‘What do you do?’ I’m never sure what to say as the answer can be any one of: writer, designer, editor, business owner, blogger, speaker, health advocate … the list does go on!

If your question is ‘Can we work together?’ the answer is ‘Yes’. Here are some of the things I could do for you (my hourly rate is $110/hr):


Blog posts, web copy, corporate communication, newsletter text, articles … if it needs to be both well-researched and engaging, I can write it for you. (Places you may have seen me: MamamiaThe HooplaCoping With Jane and Women in Focus as well as The Canberra Times and Marie Claire.)


Sometimes I think I might be a better editor than writer. If you have a bit of copy that needs some tender loving care, you’re in luck. Making words sparkle is one of my favourite things to do in the whole world!


The things I am passionate about (and therefore love to speak about) are myriad but my favourite things to bang on about right now are:


Whether it is flat sheet design (magazines, flyers, logos etc) or website/blog design (simple and complex) I can do it. Pricing wise, simple (template based) blog makeovers are in the range of $440-660, custom blog designs start around $3500 and all other design is at an hourly rate of $110/hr.


If you’d like to work with me, my contact details are here.