A picture says … Week 2

Hi there! If you are new to this blog then you can find out about the ‘picture says’ meme here. In short though, each fortnight I am trying my hand at some creative writing using a photo as a prompt. The gorgeous photo below is courtesy of the amazing Stefano Corso – a big thank you to Stefano for permitting me to use it here.


It is the sweetness of a cherry.

It is the perfection of a rose.

It is the quickening of a heart as caution is thrown to the wind.

It can been deep as a fine wine or bright like a stop sign.

It is love.

It is danger.

It is sexy and speedy and oozing with energy.

It is joyful.

It is full of life.

It is … none of these things today.

Today red is a vibrant splash on the grey canvas that is this bleak morning. It is the pulsing of her blood as long legs reduce the number of steps between herself and him.

To none.


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  1. says

    Isn’t the brain interesting – I didn’t see the red at all until I read your piece! I saw the rain and hoped that she didn’t twist her ankle on those cobblestones ;)

    Will definitely participate in this one Kelly!

  2. eliz a buf says

    my best definition of red is the morning my (then 4 yro) daughter stumbled out of bed, tumbled onto the living room floor, looked up gawd-knows-what on the telly and announced “i HATE RED. red makes you STOP.”

    not that it’s got anything to do with this your post… lol. xoxo, buf

    • says

      Haha you’re hilarious. Now, I never know what I should call you – Eliz , liz, buf??! I need to be able to respond to you by name!

  3. says

    Classic symbolism that fit in well with the picture, short and sweet :) am going to try to be original with this and avoid repeating a similiar post of my own called Scarlet Street.