A picture says … Week 1

Hi there everyone and welcome to a new fortnightly Friday ‘thing’. This is for all my writerly friends so regular readers may or may not be interested!

Every second Friday I am putting on my creative writing hat and inviting anyone else who is keen along for the ride. They say a picture says 1000 words … well I don’t have time to write 1000 words every second Friday so I have decided that a picture says up to 500 words. The image inspiration for this week is below along with my {308} words. If you are a writer or blogger and have written something in response to the picture below, you can link up your post at the bottom. Enjoy!!

Hot sand. Hot sun. Bloody freezing water.


A bit like her life at the moment really.

She scoops up a handful of sand and lets the grains run through her fingers like … Like what? She can’t even find a suitable metaphor.


That’s what a writer without a metaphor is right?

Sighing she digs her toes into the sand and stares blankly out into the ocean. She’s not even sure why she’s here, she who has little love for the beach. Maybe it’s because this is what people do in movies when their hearts are broken. They go and stare out to sea.

She lets her mind wander and vignette after vignette taunts her with events past, with dreams that now have no future. She slips deeper and deeper into melancholy, letting the pain rise to the surface and wash over her, sucking all the oxygen out of her lungs. She dreams of letting the pain become so great that it actually stops her heart. Well, half her heart. The other half is somewhere else now, yanked out of her suddenly and violently with little chance of ever returning.

Just when her pity party for one really starts to get going her reverie is shattered. A pink shape hurtles past, showering her with water droplets on the way through. The little girl falls into the arms of her mother babbling away about how cold the water is.

Another wave washes over her – one of envy this time. She wishes she had some safe, warm arms to throw herself into.

Another sigh and she extracts herself from the shallow hole she has made for herself in the sand. Time to go home.


This place isn’t her home. It’s Dave’s home and now he’s bloody gone. Tears threaten to erupt.

OK. To the car then.

Small steps.

She’ll figure out the whole ‘home’ thing later.


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  1. says

    Wow! I love this idea, Kelly. I have changed my weekly creative writing linky to monthly so I will let some of the regulars know they can get their creative writing fix here….Fortnightly anyway.

    The never ending metaphor search…I find the best ones when I’m not thinking about it but I am rarely organised enough to be able to write them down on the spot. I always think I’ll remember them but guess what? I NEVER do!

    • says

      Ha Gill – I am the same. When some brilliant sentence jumps into my mind (usually in the shower or while running) I am so sure I will remember it for later. But I never do!

  2. says

    Awesome idea, Kelly. I’m more than happy to join this writing group. Thanks for the creative writing prompt. =)

    I loved the bit about people going and staring out to sea in the movies. That bit throws some humour into an otherwise bleak –and very well written– piece.

    / Rain