A Manifesto for a Simple Life

Some of you know that I used to have another business called The Smile Collective. I shut it down at the start of this year because it needed more time and energy from me than I could give. But I have much love for all the lovely manifestos I created for The Smile Collective shop, especially this one below. So you can now buy it direct from here. Red Bubble is a print on demand service which means I don’t have to stress about holding stock … or dealing with Australia Post. (Which makes life MUCH simpler for me indeed!)

A Manifesto for a Simple Life

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  1. Kate @ My dear Angel says

    I do miss ‘The Smile Collective’!

    Thanks for sharing this. Everything I have been trying to adopt these last few weeks. Perfect timing to now see it all before me. Thanks.

    • says

      Aw thanks Kate. I miss it too – it was my happiness project! Unfortunately it needed me to give it my full time attention … And that I didn’t have :(

  2. says

    Love this so much, Kelly! It’s exactly what I’m trying to do – more or less…! Now we’ve got something to look forward to on Mondays.