This week in links

Hello there! This week in links is brought to you from beautiful-but-bloody-humid-Bondi. I’ve been here in Sydney catching up with the awesome Flying Solo team as well as some buddies and it’s been awesome … but wow, that humidity makes for some bad hair days doesn’t it? I will admit that I'm Continue Reading

This week in links

Hey you guys! So you know how I said that last year’s final Weekend Rewind would be my last? Well I’ve exercised my womanly prerogative to change my mind! (Translation: Let’s be honest, I couldn’t stay away no matter how much whitespace it might give me. Translation: Do as I say people, not as I Continue Reading

What you need to know about me

Did you know the 'About' page on any website is the second most visited page after the home page? Us humans are a nosy bunch aren't we? Why is this even front of mind for me right now? Well I've been trying to re-write the About page on this site for ages and finally, in an attempt to just get it Continue Reading

One word for 2015

In 2014 I decided not to choose a word to guide my year - I decided to give control of my year over to the Universe. Ohhhhh, how the people who know me well laughed! And justifiably so. I'm not really one for giving control of anything over to anyone. But you know, I did it and for the most Continue Reading